Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal using a small electrical current, which was first introduced in 1875 by Dr. Charles Michel, a St Louis, Missouri ophthalmologist. Over the years, this method has been fine-tuned and perfected, to the point where it can be performed quickly, easily, and extremely effectively.

Electrolysis is a common term that includes methods such as Galvanic, Multiple Needle Galvanic and Thermoloysis – if none of that makes any sense to you, this is what it’s about in a nutshell: It’s great for removing hair in places you don’t want hair to be.

Electrolysis involves a series of treatments, which depends on the coarseness, quantity of hair, and what the individual has been doing to control the hair (i.e. tweezing, waxing, shaving, etc). The treatments are close together at first and gradually get shorter and farther apart as the hair growth lessens, until your unwanted hair is all but a memory.

Electrolysis can treat men and women, all hair colors, all skin types, and can be used anywhere on the body except for the mucous membranes inside the nose and ears. For these more sensitive areas, we prefer to treat unwanted hair with laser therapy, which is more effective and much safer.


In all likelihood, if you have unwanted hair in small areas, or want some manicuring of your eyebrows, it absolutely is. Electrolysis treats one unwanted hair at a time, and therefore is used for smaller areas and/or very fine hair, and because laser treatment is not permitted for hair near the area of your eyes, electrolysis is a great option.

It is common for clients to use a combination of electrolysis and laser for hair removal, as they often choose laser for dark hair, and electrolysis for scattered hair, light colored hair, gray, white and blond hair.

Electrolysis is absolutely the best option for shaping eyebrows, though larger body areas can be treated by electrolysis as well. Ultimately, if the hair is dark, it takes less time to use laser treatments, and both electrolysis and laser hair removal can reduce, if not eliminate, folliculitis and ingrown hairs completely.

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