Let’s be honest – every single woman out there has issues with body and facial hair. Some more than others, of course, but this is not a problem that exists only in ‘some’ women. We all face it, and we all have to work to keep that excess body hair at bay. Shaving, plucking, waxing and depilatory creams provide temporary fixes that are inconvenient, irritating and messy. Though women often try a multitude of methods to keep embarrassing, unsightly hair from the world, it can sometimes be more trouble than its worth.

Or at least, it used to be…

LUXE MedSpa is bringing about a revolution in this area with laser hair removal and electrolysis options that make it easy, pain-free and incredibly budget-friendly for women in the Houston, Texas area to rid themselves of unwanted hair.

Hirsutism is defined as excessive body and/or facial hair growing in a male pattern, usually on the face (especially the upper lip or eyebrow area), the bikini area, under the arms, or on the legs. This is normally caused by excess “male hormones," though Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Menopause, Adrenal Hyperplasia, pregnancy and overactive thyroids can also cause hirsutism, and such disorders affect between 5% and 10% of all women. In fact, excess male hormones is the most common endocrine disorder among females.

Your unwanted hair can be removed in several ways, though our two permanent types of hair removal are electrolysis and laser hair removal. These require multiple treatments but they are largely permanent treatments, while the temporary solution of waxing only rids you of hair for a limited time.

Depending on the type of unwanted hair you have, we will determine the best method of hair removal suited for your needs, and we’ll ensure that you know everything you can before you make your appointment. We can remove any hair from a woman’s face and body that she desires, in the comfort of our private and professional office. Our dedicated, highly-trained and thoroughly professional team will help you feel comfortable and totally at ease throughout the hair removal process, and we look forward to adding you to our long list of happy clients.

If you suspect you may, the following web resources can help provide valuable information and answers to questions about your situation:
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Because we know some people may feel uncomfortable delving into laser hair removal without the full facts and understanding of the process, we offer free consultations where we determine whether you are a proper candidate for laser hair removal, show you how it works, and give you a free written quote.

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